Luis Gutierrez, Executive MBA '13 is the owner and President/CEO of Dream Management, Inc. (DMI), which is a company with two divisions: Transportation and Foreign Language service. His company has been in business for 15 years.

DMI plays a significant role in transporting employees and patrons of the federal and state governments. The foreign language division provides telephonic, on-site, and video remote interpretation; translation and transcription in 240 languages serving as a bridge between the client and the limited English proficient community. DMI is one of the small businesses that continue providing significant opportunities of employment for hundreds of people in the Capitol region, the company has offices in Baltimore, MD, and Alexandria, VA.

He is an entrepreneur originally from Nicaragua, Central America. Luis is a co-founder of the following organizations: the Baltimore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Maryland Hispanic Business Conference. He is always looking for ways on how to foster the unification of the minority organizations in the region to promote common goals, and achieve a successful cooperation in the business arena, as well as in the legislative participation process.  Currently he is a board member of the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 

Luis has a Bachelor's degree in Military Science from Frunze-Malinowski Military Academy in Moscow, Russia and a Masters of Business Administration from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Luis is fluent in Spanish and Russian.