Anita M. Holloway, MD, MBA '02 is currently Market Vice President and Medical Officer for the Wisconsin and Michigan Market of Humana, Inc., one of the country’s leading health and well-being companies serving more than 11 million U.S. customers. Dr. Holloway is excited to be part of the leadership team developing and implementing innovative initiatives designed to improve clinical outcomes and efficiency of health care delivery. She also leads and collaborates with market/regional committees monitoring the utilization of health care delivery trends and effectiveness of clinical programs, identifying opportunities for improvement. Through a focus on lifelong well-being, she champions Humana’s consumer vision and strategy to customers, providers and members.

Until March 2013, Dr. Holloway served as a corporate physician executive, a strategic advisor, and the clinical leader for Navistar, Inc. a global transportation manufacturing corporation.  She provided ongoing executive counsel on all strategic and tactical medical issues for business and human resources and led this organization---as she has at previous organizations---by utilizing applied integrated healthcare analytics, and corporate data identifying patterns of illness, injury, and disability to develop solutions for improving outcomes and measuring the total burden of poor health.

Dr. Holloway earned her medical degree from Jefferson Medical College and completed her residency at Johns Hopkins University, where she also earned her Masters of Business Administration.

Dr. Holloway has 20 years experience as a clinical, caring for and advising patients in private, academic, and group physician practice settings in director, residency teaching, and consulting roles. Additionally, she has extensive expertise in various roles, including developing strategic vision, implementing programs, engaging support, and measuring results in health management and occupational health and safety. Her passion for a full view of well-being and varied leadership positions make her a frequent presenter on the regional, national, and international level.

Dr. Holloway has retained her relationship with Johns Hopkins where, between 1997 and 2003, she served as Clinical Director and Provider, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health with appointments as Assistant Professor, Occupational Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and
Senior Associate, Department of Environmental Sciences, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She currently serves on the Dean’s Alumni Advisory Board for the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School since 2011 as well as serves on the Johns Hopkins Alumni Council since 2012.