Michael Perkinson, SAIS ’97, Carey ’09  
Chief of Staff to Chief Investment Officer
Guggenheim Parntners 

Michael Perkinson joined Guggenheim Partners in 2012 as Chief of Staff to the Chief Investment Officer. As such, he oversees the executive and business-process aspects of Guggenheim Partners’ Asset Management business. This includes responsibility for developing processes, setting priorities and allocating resources in the business which manages US$220 billion. Mr. Perkinson is a native of Newport, Rhode Island and attended the University of London and The American University and was graduated from the latter with a degree in comparative politics. After University, he worked in the British House of Commons and as a staff member for the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. He was commissioned as a naval intelligence officer in 1989 and served in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. During 21 years of active naval service he served in various combat and diplomatic roles as well as leading operational and analytic organizations.

While assigned to the NATO Headquarters, he was the Supreme Allied Commander’s analyst with responsibility for the Balkans. Later, during an extended assignment in the Balkans he was seconded to the British 22nd Special Air Services Regiment. He served in Iraq in 1991 and again in 2005, where he was responsible for a joint direct action team focused on counter terrorism missions in al-Anbar Governorate.

He was assigned to the staff of the Director of Central Intelligence, where he maintained responsibility for the US intelligence relationship with the United Nations. He served as a US diplomat in the Peoples’ Republic of China where he was responsible for managing sensitive negotiations with the Chinese government. Mr. Perkinson studied Chinese Politics at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and received a Master of Science in Finance from Johns Hopkins.

Following his retirement from government, Mr. Perkinson was a Partner at Veracity Worldwide, a political risk consultancy in New York, where he built the China practice, growing revenue from 3% of total revenues to 21% in 22 months.

Mr. Perkinson is skilled in managing sensitive negotiations, overseeing multi-national teams and in managing change in growing and complex organizations. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and lives in Santa Monica, California.