Student organizations enhance the quality of life at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

Each year's clubs are shaped by the interests of the current students, so if you don't find what you're looking for, there is an opportunity to create it!

The following documents can be helpful in running a student club:

Contact the Student Services office via email at or by phone at 410-234-9240 for more information.

A sample list of student organizations and clubs can be found below. For more info on any of the following clubs, contact

ABC Society

Our mission is to provide students with the resources and skill set to successfully navigate all business scenarios with confidence. Through practice, students will become proficient in delivering communication that is clear, concise, and compelling, thus positioning themselves to “Always Be Closing”.


Capital Market Research Organization

The Capital Market Research Organization seeks to connect students with resources and information pertaining to the capital market, and to assist in developing the skills necessary for networking and interviewing. The CMRO plans to publish a weekly newsletter, conduct workshops, and provide mock interviewing opportunities in conjunction with Career Services.


Carey Beer Society

The Carey Beer Society brings together classmates in social gatherings in a capacity to discover, taste, learn and enjoy different styles of beer from around the world. This club will also serve as an important networking arena for the students of Carey, where they can meet and socialize with fellow students and alumni.


Carey Consulting Club

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Consulting Club creates and maintains access to consulting companies and networking industries, creates an open environment to provide tailored job support, and shares knowledge and industry expertise.


Carey Cross-Cultural Communication Club

The mission of the Cross-Cultural Communication Club (5C) is to improve the English language skills of international students and help them acclimate to western culture. In addition, 5C aims to narrow cultural gaps between students and foster a sense of community.


Carey International Business and Diplomacy Club

Carey International Business and Diplomacy Club (CIBD) provides a forum for professional development of students and alumni interested to learn about the global, economic, and political roles of multinational  corporations, non-governmental organizations, and inter-governmental organizations.


Carey Professional Exchange

The mission of Carey Professional Exchange is to serve as a medium that increases awareness of current business environment and to engage students and faculty with the surrounding community through meaningful initiatives such as charitable fundraisers, community outreach, cultural events, mentorship program, professional networking, and educational seminars.



CareyServes seeks to connect Carey Business School students, alumni, faculty, and staff with volunteer opportunities in our local and global communities. Through service to local non-profits and volunteer initiatives, we hope to grow relationships, learn about our communities, and use our skills to assist others.


Carey Student Veterans Organization

The purpose of the Carey Student Veterans Organization is to foster a community focused on providing support and advocacy for students of the Carey Business School who are Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States or are family members of Veterans. The CSVO will also seek to bridge the gap between Veterans and Non-Veterans.


Carey Women in Business


The mission of Carey Women In Business is to enhance and propel women in their careers by providing opportunities to learn new business skills, to develop professionally, and to discuss issues facing women in business today through an open forum in which students, faculty, and staff (regardless of gender) can participate. 


Creativity by Design

Creativity by Design exists to introduce business students to a variety of creative tools, explore real-world benefits of integrating creative tools into professional practices, and provide the opportunity to apply creative tools in a risk-free environment.


Energy and Environment Club

The mission of the Johns Hopkins Carey EEC is to be an active participant in the global effort to address our environmental challenges and energy needs. In addition, the club seeks to broaden our understanding of how finance, the environment and sustainable management practices play an important role in business today.


Entrepreneurship Club

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Entrepreneurship Club is dedicated to nurturing, facilitating, and guiding entrepreneurial ideas from inception to fruition, as well as sharing technical knowledge and industry expertise. All graduate and undergraduate students and alumni may join.


Equity Analyst Team

The Equity Analyst Team provides an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience and put theoretical knowledge into practice. The Equity Analyst Team also encourages interaction among graduate students, faculty and financial institutions through corporate presentations, round table discussions, and business treks.


Finance Club

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Finance Club offers a professional development forum for graduate-level business students and alumni interested in studying and learning more about the discipline of finance and its related fields. Additionally, the club provides networking opportunities for business students, faculty and the business finance community.


Financial Management Association

The Financial Management Association at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School offers students an opportunity to be a part of an exclusive network of finance professionals, practitioners, and students around the world. Membership with this national organization provides resources for job searching, careers in finance, finance certifications, furthering education, networking, and much more.

Global MBA Association

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Global MBA Association strives to build a positive culture among GMBA students, create a community among current GMBA students and alumni, serve as a communication liaison between GMBA students and the Student Government, and support the Carey faculty and staff to improve the brand equity of the GMBA program.


Global mHealth Institute (Carey chapter)

The Johns Hopkins Global Mobile Health Initiative has created a unique forum for Hopkins to bring together individuals from myriad backgrounds but with a shared interest in the emerging field of mHealth. The mission of The Global mHealth Initiative at Johns Hopkins University (GmI) is to develop responsive innovations and provide rigorous, evidence-based support for mobile ICTs to improve global health with a focus on resource-limited settings where the global burden of disease and mortality are highest.


Golf and Tennis Club (Baltimore)

The Golf and Tennis Club’s purpose is two-fold: 1) to share and promote information on the sports of golf and tennis and the social business skills they can provide during our time at Carey, 2) group outings open to both current part-time and full-time students as well as faculty and staff.


Health and Wellness Society

The Health and Wellness Society seeks to provide a forum for the improved health and sustained well-being of undergraduate and graduate business students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the community at large. The Society will create learning opportunities for those interested in the topics of emotional and psychological wellness, physical fitness, diet, and healthy eating behavior, chronic illness prevention and risk reduction, and positive health promotion and lifestyle practices.


Healthcare Business Association

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Healthcare Business Association is a student organization within the Carey Business School with a mission to provide a forum for students to learn about the business of healthcare, to interact with alumni and current members of the Johns Hopkins institution who are interested in healthcare, and to meet with industry leaders and key decision makers within the healthcare industry—biotechnology, medical devices, healthcare services, providers, payers, health financial institutions (i-banking, venture capital, private equity), healthcare consulting, and government.


Hopkins Biotech Network (Carey chapter)

Our goal isn't just to help people network, but to help our members understand the vast spectrum of opportunities in biotechnology, spanning everything from business to the lab bench. If you'd like to connect with the biotech community in Maryland, HBN is the organization for you. Because it’s not what you know, but who you know that makes the difference.


Innovation Factory

As the first research university in the United States, Johns Hopkins is devoted to discovering and exploring innovation. Through this pioneering spirit, we have established The Johns Hopkins Innovation Factory, an organization helping to convert knowledge and ideas into benefits for the world. The Innovation Factory is building a platform for venture capital and private equity to commercialize the great ideas our community fosters.


International Student Business Association

The mission of International Student Business Association (ISBA) is to provide support for ISBA members to attain internships and employment in their preferred industries in the countries of their choice, while showcasing the talents of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School’s international student body and expanding the School’s professional network.  By providing supportive services in the form of workshops and peer mentoring that revolve around the purpose of ISBA, the association will stress on the points of culture, behaviorism, language, and other pressing concerns that impact an ISBA member’s ability to attain internships and employment.


Investment Banking Club (Baltimore and DC chapters)

The Investment Banking Club provides members with a platform to learn about the industry, with the overarching goal of helping interested members step up into this field. The group also strives to serve as a bridge among three main constituents: investment banks, Carey students, and the Career Services office.


Johns Hopkins Korean Business Society

The Johns Hopkins Korean Business Society strives to enhance the academic and vocational cooperation and the network among its members, as well promoting a better understanding of Korean culture within the Carey Business School and the community.


Marketing Club (Baltimore and DC Chapters)

The Carey Business School Marketing Club provides students with academic, recruiting and networking assistance to prepare for successful marketing careers. Specifically, the club works closely with faculty, alumni, students, and marketing executives to expand learning beyond the classroom by partnering with leading companies and Hopkins’ Career Services to provide recruiting and interviewing preparation. The Marketing Club serves as a marketing resource to the Hopkins community and provides support to students through mentorship and networking opportunities.


MPH/MBA Society

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and the Bloomberg School of Public Health MPH/MBA Society endeavors to promote the interests of its members and provide social and intellectual enrichment, including networking between and among students at the schools of Public Health and Business.


MSF Association (Baltimore and DC chapters)

The MSF Association is a newly established organization at the Carey Business School. This group will strive to gather M.S. Finance students and create a platform for socializing, developing networking opportunities, and expressing their thoughts and ideas about the program.


Net Impact (Baltimore and DC chapters)

The Carey Business School chapter of Net Impact supports a community of new leaders who will use business to improve the world.  Promoting socially responsible and sustainable business practices in the for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors, Carey Net Impact strives to make a positive impact on society.


Real Estate Forum

The Real Estate Forum was founded in 1993 for alumni, students, faculty, and affiliates from the Real Estate Program at Johns Hopkins. Its goals are to build professional and social bonds through educational and other networking gatherings, promote the Allan L. Berman Real Estate Institute, and provide public service programs to support community needs.


Soccer Club

Soccer Club is a Washington, DC-based organization established to promote and offer an organized program of soccer training and competition to its members.

Sports Business Club

The Sports Business Club provides a forum for professional development of Johns Hopkins Carey Business School students and alumni interested in the Sports Business Industry.


Student Government

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Student Government is divided into two branches – Baltimore/Columbia branch, and Washington DC/Rockville branch.


Technology & Innovation Club

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Technology and Innovation Club seeks to share and promote information on developing tech-based start-ups and futurist trends, as well as providing exposure to professional opportunities within the high-tech industry.


Undergraduate Student Association

The Undergraduate Student Association (UGSA) seeks to provide communication between the student body and the faculty and administration of the Carey Business School, as well as creating a sense of culture within the student body by hosting events and activities.