A Conference on Social and Political Economy. This conference is a joint endeavor between JHUs Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and JHUs Carey Business School and will have a changing sub-topic for each year.

Organized by:

Ying Chen, Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, Economics Department

Itay Fainmesser, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

The inaugural conference will take place at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School's Harbor East Campus, 100 International Drive, 4th Floor Conference Center on April 7-8, 2017.

The topic for the inaugural meeting is 'Social Networks and Information.' We have an exciting group of speakers specializing in research on Social Networks, The Economics of Information, and Mechanism Design. The conference will open with two keynote talks on the two parts of the title: Matthew Jackson (Stanford) will be talking about social and economic networks, and Dirk Bergemann (Yale) will give a talk about information and mechanism design. Paper presentation sessions and discussions will follow.