• The Johns Hopkins MS in Finance

    New Business goes beyond the numbers.

    In the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School's Master of Science in Finance program, you'll learn that finance is more than a matter of dollars and cents. It's about fiscal and social responsibility.

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The bottom line isn't the bottom line.

    In the era of New Business, the greatest insights not only come from spreadsheets and stock tickers, but from a deeper understanding how finance can improve people's lives.

    This program will equip you with the foundational skills to:

    • Identify, evaluate, and implement capital budgeting processes to maximize shareholder value
    • Assess financial risk and proficiency, especially when future payoffs are uncertain
    • Understand and implement asset allocation strategies and risk management procedures
    • Leverage cutting-edge finance techniques and the resources that support them

    Our world-class faculty members don't just teach traditional finance. They challenge you to use creativity, critical thinking, and ethical leadership to make organizations better. That's Carey's New Business philosophy. We invite you to join us.

    Full- and part-time programs are available with classes taught at our Harbor East campus in Baltimore and our Dupont Circle campus in Washington, D.C.

    Please note that full-time programs at the Carey Business School are ideal for students with minimal work experience, while our part-time programs are intended for students with two or more years of professional experience. International applicants should apply to our full-time MBA or MS degree programs.

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    "I always shared with them my own experiences, and the fact that I treated all theory that I taught them through a humanistic filter, so they can actually feel it rather than memorize it."
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    "We aspire not just to be different from other schools, not even just to lead, but to show a new way."