The Carey Business School measures success by the way a Carey graduate stands out as an innovative business leader and exemplary citizen.

The Carey community believes that honesty, integrity, and community responsibility are qualities inherent in an exemplary citizen. The objective of the Carey Business School Honor Code is to create an environment of trust among all members of the academic community while the qualities associated with success are developed in students.

The Honor Code requires that each student act with honesty and integrity in all academic and co-curricular activities and that each student endeavor to hold his or her peers to the same standard.

To assist students in understanding and abiding by the Johns Hopkins 2017-18 Carey Business School Honor Code, the following information, tutorial and pledge must be completed prior to orientation. 

Please view these videos from Carey faculty and students discussing the honor code and the importance of “thinking carefully” as we move forward to build our school. 

View Tom Crain's video
View Caroline Bleggi's video

To view the complete Honor Code, please click here