The English Language Program (ELP) at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School promotes the value of communicative competence for both academic achievement and professional success.

We help students develop their English communication skills and understanding of American business settings. Classes are interactive, student-driven, and in relation to market demands. There is an emphasis on nuances of expression, critical thinking, and intercultural communications skills to serve students in their learning, development, and overall confidence. Classes focus on using spoken and written English for both business and academic purposes.

Tuition and Fees

ELP course fees are included in tuition that full-time students pay each semester, thus there is no additional fee. 

Graduate Course

Business English for Graduates I, II, III and IV are available at our Baltimore and DC campuses.

Undergraduate Course

Business English for Undergraduates I and II are available at our DC campus.

Conditional Admission

For students who are admitted to Carey conditionally with an ESOL requirement, enrollment in English Language Program courses is required for four terms or until a waiver is granted, based on student proficiency.


Culture + Conversation

Weekly opportunity for exchanging cultural experiences, ideas and questions. Contact for more information.


Anna Carroll
Anna Carroll has an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the School for International Training Graduate Institute, where she focused on English as a Lingua Franca and Intercultural Communication, and a BA in French Language and Literature from the University of Maryland at College Park. In addition to spending a year abroad in Nice, France, Anna has lived and taught English in Barcelona, Spain; Veracruz, Mexico and Belgrade, Serbia.  Anna’s teaching interests include intercultural communication, writing and proofreading skills, vocabulary acquisition strategies, goal setting and reflective practices. She believes students learn best when they feel confident their questions will be answered, comfortable enough to take risks, and motivated to improve!
Kelli Rowedder
Kelli Rowedder has an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the Institute of Education, University of London in London, England, with a focus on reading in a second language and academic writing. She also has a BA in English and Communications from the University of Delaware. Kelli has lived and taught English in Cusco, Peru; London, England; and Atlanta, Georgia, and has travelled to over 30 countries in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Her teaching interests include using literature and other authentic materials as teaching tools, and academic reading and writing strategies. She believes students need to be comfortable in their environment, feel that the instructor is approachable, and be able to relate to the content being taught, so they can instantly recognize its “real world” value. 
Sukyun Weaver

Sukyun Weaver has an MA in Applied Linguistics from Teacher’s College, Columbia University where she concentrated on Semantics and Discourse Analysis and a BA in Sociology from the University of Chicago. Sukyun spent her formative years in Qatar before immigrating to the United States and has traveled extensively to South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Her professional interests include international student support from a holistic framework, intercultural training, and critical thinking development. In the classroom, Sukyun believes in empowering students to gain authentic language through autonomous learning for lifelong success.

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