The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Summer Intensive

The Summer Intensive is a unique program specifically designed for international students entering the Carey Business School. The program is intentionally designed to include experiential activities that challenge students to think critically and creatively, communicate clearly, work independently and on a team. Students will be able to self-reflect on their learning and plan their personal, professional, and academic development. Throughout the program, students will build social and inter-cultural knowledge while engaging in many individual and team projects and activities.The Summer Intensive program is an acculturation program. Through in- and out-of-classroom experiences, students will learn about their new academic environment and city.

  • July 27 - August 11, 2017 Baltimore
  • July 28 - August 14, 2017 Washington, D.C.
  • All international students* beginning their programs in Fall 2017 are required to attend the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Summer Intensive, unless the student has a two- or four-year degree from a U.S. college or university.

During the program, students will:

  • Apply U.S. Academic standards to written and spoken work.
  • Develop an understanding of personal and community values.
  • Navigate life in the U.S. and at Carey.

Program Details

The Summer Intensive program is an academic and acculturation program focused on providing students with opportunities to grow and succeed. The program is an ideal opportunity to help prepare students for the demands of being a member of one of the world’s premier universities.

Students will build social and cultural knowledge in and out of the classroom. There are multiple of opportunities to interact with peers and experience American culture through events that familiarize students with the city and culture they will live in. Some of the activities that students enjoyed in 2016 included a trolley ride around the nation’s capital (Washington, DC) and a boat ride in the Baltimore Harbor (Baltimore, MD).

After completing the Summer Intensive, international students join their classmates for program-specific orientations.

The cost for the Summer Intensive is $2,900 (covers course fees, books, activities, and some meals).  

Students are strongly encouraged to plan to arrive at least 1 week BEFORE the start of Summer Intensive to allow time to adjust to the time difference and to find or settle into their new living arrangements. Students should expect to be in sessions daily from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Please plan accordingly. All sessions are mandatory. 

Read about the Summer Intensive Program in The Baltimore Sun.

For More Information 

Priscilla Mint

  • *Students who have completed a degree from a U.S. college or university are not required to attend the Summer Intensive program.
  • *All international students who are interested in participating are welcome to attend. 
  • *Students who hold two or four-year degrees from English speaking countries and/or universities, or are citizens of English speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, may request a waiver. Visit the FAQ page for eligibility requirements to waive the program. All waiver requests should be submitted to by May 31, 2017. Please note: the waiver review process is based on admission application and supplemental documents provided by the student requesting the wavier.  A request for a waiver will be carefully reviewed and students may be required to interview with staff and/or complete assessments. All decisions are final. If a waiver for the Summer Intensive is granted after the initial I-20 has been provided by Johns Hopkins, it is the responsibility of the student to request a new I-20 (with any applicable fees, such as shipping costs). Any previously issued I-20 must be updated to reflect your new arrival date to the United States.