Welcome to Carey! New student orientations are designed to familiarize you with the expectations and policies of Carey, as well as the resources available to you as a student. 

Information on New Student Orientations for the GMBA and full-time MS Programs is available via the respective orientation pages:


Additional Resources:

Office of the Registrar

Visit the Registrar's page to view important policies regarding course adds, drops, withdrawals, and refunds.

Library Services

The Sheridan Libraries and several JHU campus libraries offer a wealth of valuable resources and services to support your academic research. To supplement online access to most library resources, the center libraries provide on-site librarian assistance with your research and maintain core collections of print reference materials and frequently used newspapers and journals. Please view the library orientation guide for business.

Career Development Office (CDO)

For most students, this will be your first opportunity to interact with the Career Development Office. Meet staff members while learning about our services and the opportunities available through our office. You will even be able to set up an appointment, for a later date, to meet with a Coaching & Education staff member. We look forward to preparing you for the future. To view online Career Development tools visit the student link on the Career Development Office Website.

Blackboard/Navigating through SIS

Blackboard, the course management tool of the Carey Business School is used by both programs and individual professors. Blackboard provides instructors with the opportunity to integrate technology into the teaching and learning process. Faculty members create and manage their own course Web sites while having the ability to gage students' knowledge and encourage exploration. Learn how to access and use Blackboard sites. View the step-by-step Blackboard guide here.

SIS, the Johns Hopkins Student Information System, is your key to online access to course registration, grades, textbooks, and billing.

Please view both the Blackboard and Registration guides on the First Steps for New Students page to become familiar with access, features, procedures, and expectations before you attend orientation

Financing Your Education

Financial Aid staff will be available throughout orientation for any questions. Please view this initial introduction about financial aid basics before attending the orientation. You may also want to visit the Financial Aid webpage here.

Academic Expectations

The Student Success Center (SSC) is great resource which provides online and in-person one-on-one, and group, tutoring sessions in writing, presentation skills, and quantitative subjects, as well as a variety of workshops. The SSC is available to support your classroom learning by providing the tools needed to develop critical thinking skills and work through assignments on your own. The writing assistance portion of SSC focuses on helping you become a critical reader and independent writer of your work. The quantitative assistance portion of SSC aims to help you understand and apply math-related concepts. The primary mission of the SSC is to guide you in developing skills needed to complete homework, tests, papers, and other course work independently. Learn more by visiting the SSC online here.

Additionally, please visit JHSAP's website to learn more about free resources available to assist you with managing challenging issues.

Honor Code

See the Honor Code page for more information.

Student Clubs/Organizations

A full list of student clubs/organizations and planned events can be found here.

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