2016 Class Gift

2016 Class Gift

What Is The Class Gift?

  • The 2016 Class Gift is the collective sum of donations given by all graduating students. 
  • A Class Gift is the first step that graduating students make as new members of the alumni community.
  • Students can choose to direct their donation to:
    • Annual Fund
    • Edward St. John Real Estate Program
    • Innovation for Humanity
    • Student Scholarship

Importance Of The Class Gift:

  • High Class Gift participation rates send a strong signal to the wider community including prospective students, faculty, corporate organizations, and alumni that the 2016 class believes in the future of Carey.  
  • The Class Gift celebrates the transition from student to alumnus and welcomes the graduating students into the Carey alumni community.
  • Student and alumni loyalty is key in building our school's brand and reputation.
  • Donations help support current student scholarship and aid, research, faculty recruitment, alumni events, volunteer activities, and school-wide knowledge dissemination. 

How To Become Involved: