Dear Carey Alumni,

Last spring we sought your feedback on the communications you receive from the Carey Business School. We especially wanted to know how you felt about ONE, our alumni magazine.

In a series of focus groups and an online survey, a large majority of you expressed satisfaction with the magazine. In fact, it won your highest approval rating (75 percent) among all forms of communication that the school sends to alums.

At the same time, you asked us to tweak a few things ― more Carey-oriented articles, more alumni news, and maybe a magazine name that had a more obvious connection to the school.

We heard you, and we’re happy to announce that the fall issue of the magazine, renamed Carey Business, will be coming to you in November. It’s not a major revamping, but we think Carey Business is even more in step with the school and the impressive strides it has made since the introduction of ONE seven years ago. (By the way, the class notes section of the upcoming magazine will be 40 percent larger than the previous issue’s.)

Thank you for everything you do to ensure the continued success of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, and we hope you enjoy our revised and refreshed alumni magazine.

Best wishes,

Rhett Wilson
Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations

Patrick Ercolano,
Editor, Carey Business


Previous issues of ONE Magazine are available here.