Across the globe, the Carey Business School is working to build alumni communities. Through your engagement, you can strengthen your connection to the Carey Business School and Johns Hopkins University.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School San Francisco Bay Area Alumni cohort is to engage and connect the university community locally and nationally in support of the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School’s mission while creating sustainable lifelong connections to the university as a whole.

The vision is to foster diversity and community, strengthen ties to Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and to grow relationships with other alumni by:

  • Developing alumni programs that foster fellowship among alumni and encourage the physical, moral, and spiritual growth of Bay Area Alumni
  • Establish lifelong relationships with fellow alumni
  • Promote interaction among alumni
  • Highlight the achievements of its alumni, and
  • To provide alumni with rewarding opportunities to serve the Carey Business School, its faculty, and its students.


Leadership Team:

  • Katie Saiget, Krieger/Carey 2012
  • Jack Hirsch, Global MBA 2012
  • Aaron Landgraf, Global MBA 2012 

Committee Members:

  • Matt Eversman, Global MBA 2012
  • Molly Needelman, MA/MBA 2014
  • Parsi Parsinejad, Global MBA 2013


  • Princessa Bourelly, MBA 2004
  • LouAnn Conner, MBA 2008
  • Kuo Tong, MBA 2001

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