Our Mission

We are the business school of the Johns Hopkins University, creating and sharing knowledge that shapes business practices while educating business leaders who will grow economies and enhance their communities. We measure our success by the way a Carey graduate stands out, as an innovative business leader and exemplary citizen.

How Do We Accomplish Our Mission?



We educate a broad spectrum of business students at the full-time, part-time, master, and baccalaureate levels. Beyond our campuses, we influence business by providing leadership development programs for organizations in the private and public sectors.


We incorporate into all our educational offerings a commitment to business practices that have a positive impact on companies, industries, communities, and society at large – business practices “with humanity in mind.”


We create an educational experience at the intersection of the business, government, and social sectors. We graduate students who can capably navigate these three areas and adhere to an approach built on a whole-system view, collaborative strategies, and shared outcomes.


We conduct research, maintaining a collaborative knowledge-building environment not just within Carey but also within initiatives that team our faculty members with researchers from across the Johns Hopkins University. We also promote faculty efforts to translate this new knowledge for the benefit of the greater business community.


Our research and our instruction focus on four industries that are crucial to the well-being of society: health care, real estate and infrastructure, financial businesses, and enterprise risk management.


We strive to build an institution that enables our diverse faculty, students, and staff to develop their talents fully, in service to the mission of the Johns Hopkins University.