Board members have made a commitment to engage and invest in the life and activities of the School, to foster lifelong connections and to sustain the School's educational excellence and future growth.

The Carey Business School Dean's Alumni Advisory Board is composed of more than two dozen individuals who represent the full diversity programmatic, geographic, gender and ethnicity that has long been a distinguishing hallmark of the Carey Business School.

Mission Statement

To support the global development, growth, and sustainability of the Carey Business School through active alumni participation.


Dedicated, actively engaged alumni who embody and foster humanity, advocacy, and innovation.


The nominations process begins in June. Self-nominations are accepted.

As part of the Dean's Alumni Advisory Board, members agree to:

  • Serve a three (3) year term (with eligibility to serve an additional term at the discretion of the then current Board)
  • Attend key school and committee events, including the three (3) face-to-face Board meetings (fall, spring and summer)
  • Support Carey philanthropic efforts (e.g., provide an annual contribution to the DAAB Scholarship and/or the Annual Fund)
  • Serve on at least one of the four committees:
    • Nominations
    • Fundraising
    • Governance/Strategy
    • Networking/Career Service
  • Provide feedback on new initiatives, services, alumni programs and volunteer opportunities
  • Support key programs and initiatives including but not limited to the following:
    • Internship and permanent placement
    • Career services programs
    • Professional development opportunities
    • Academic projects and presentations
    • Community building activities
  • Act as a positive ambassador for the school in everyday activities

Board Membership 2013-2014


Jeri Fellerman, Chair

  • MS 1999
  • Senior Vice President and Relationship Manager; Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Rizwan Ahmed

  • BS 2000, MBA 2002
  • Senior Manager, Federal Technology Practice; Deloitte Consulting

Chris Barnhill

  • Global MBA 2012
  • Senior Marketing Consultant; Verizon Wireless

Auburn Bell

  • MS 1990
  • Vice President, Corporate Marketing; Legg Mason, Inc.

Jonathan Bradley

  • MBA 2008
  • Founder and Portfolio Manager; Cristata Wealth Solutions, LLC

Philip H. Bradley

  • MBA 2007, MS 2009
  • Director, Financial Planning and Analysis; Bloomberg BNA

Benjamin Cirka

  • MS in Real Estate 2006
  • Founder and Executive Director; Community Hospitality Healthcare Services

LouAnn Conner

  • MBA 2008
  • Founder and CEO; SagaciousThink

Charles Constable

  • MBA 2005
  • Head of Institutional Sales; Brown Advisory

David Crouch, Jr.

  • MBA 2005, MSITS 2007
  • IT Solutions Center/Service Management Administrator; The Johns Hopkins University, HITS, Telecommunications

William Enright

  • MS 1996
  • President and CEO; Vaxin

Dr. Anita Holloway

  • Business of Medicine 1999, MBA 2002
  • Market Vice President and Medical Officer, Wisconsin and Michigan Market; Humana, Inc.

Sam Huleatt

  • MBA 2008
  • Co-Founder; Heights Media, LLC

Zenora Khan

  • MBA 2006
  • Senior Analyst, Business Management; Northrop Grumman Corporation

Dr. Andrew Klein

  • MED 1979, Certificate Business of Medicine 1999, MBA 2002
  • Esther and Mark Schulman Chair in Surgery and Transplant Medicine, Director of the Comprehensive Transplant Center, Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Surgery; Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Chunrong Li

  • MBA 2008
  • Co-Founder and President; iDreamer 3D LLC

Dirk Mattheisen

  • MBA 2001
  • Independent Governance Professional

Seth McDonnell

  • MS 2007
  • Founder and President; Waverly Management LLC

Bryan McMillan

  • BS 2000, MBA 2002
  • Division Manager, International Business & Export/Import Operations; Northrop Grumman Corporation

Joshua J. Raymond

  • MBA 2011
  • Product Manager, Commercial Credit Solutions; Comdata

Sachin Shah

  • MBA 2010
  • Strategic Planner; Food and Drug Administration

Herbert M. Strauss

  • MBA 2000
  • Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Systems and Deputy Chief Information Officer; Social Security Administration

Robert J. Valdes

  • MBA 2006
  • Co-Founder and GMP Consultant; Biotech Resources Group, LLC

Montressa L. Washington

  • MBA 2000
  • Senior Managing Consultant; IBM

Hao Yu

  • Global MBA 2012
  • Associate; China-ASEAN Investment Cooperation Fund